In this part we will have a look on the common mistakes done be the golfers, mostly by the beginners in this game. With practise and good training anyone who wishes to learn can easily cover up these mistakes.

  • Swinging Too Swift or Hard: As a beginner never start swinging too fast, slow down your swing. By hitting hard when you are not expert in accuracy no doubt you are going to lose the target as your swing is not good enough for those speeds yet. Just bring the club back slowly, when fully rotated then you can have a nice, smooth release and follow through. By doing this way you will sure hit the ball farther with more accuracy and this stage golfers require best beginner golf clubs for good result in game.
  • Lifting Your Head Early: One of the biggest mistakes a golf beginner does, they stop watching the ball before hitting it. We would suggest keep watching the ball until your body pulls the ball up naturally. Never lift your head too early, you will lose the golf course
  • Not Aiming Correctly: Aiming is actually a lot harder to do, your feet, thighs, and shoulders should all be lined up at your aim. Adjust your position as needed. Don’t be afraid if you are a beginner, even golfers who are almost scratch players check their aim occasionally. It would be better to spend a few seconds checking aim then a few minutes finding a ball in the woods.
  • Be Relaxed: A good golf swing should be fluid and smooth. While swinging if your body is tensed and tight, you will not be able to get a good whipping action that will reduce the distance to your aim.
  • Not Hitting The Ball Correctly: The correct way of hitting the ball comes with experience, here we would be talking about hitting down the ball followed by many professionals. By hitting the ball from down the club head will impact the ball while the club is still on its downward arc. The ball will get into the air by the loft of the club, not by your lifting it off the ground. By swinging in this way the backspin will increase and the speed of the club will not get slowed down by the grass.
  • Playing Too Hard in The Beginning: Don’t make golf frustrating game by going for lots of hazards in the beginning, start your golf experience from short golf course, one having few hazards until you learn all the basics of golf course for beginner
  • Losing Your Things: Many people forget their clubs and other golf equipment on the ground. So try to keep your wedges and other things on the line between the hole and your cart or keep them near the flag when you lay down your things off the ground.
  • Not keeping Track of Stats: From beginning start keeping track record of your stats, by keeping track  you will able to know if you’re improving  or not. These days’ numbers of phone apps are available for keeping detailed record of your stats.